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The Benefits of Zendesk Integration: Productivity, Profitability, and More

This article was published on July 27, 2021

When it comes to IT integrations, it's a good idea to focus on those that impact critical business processes — particularly if you're interested in getting the most for your money. And what's more important to your organization than your customer interactions?

When you need to talk with the customer, you pick up the phone. But before that, you probably take a quick peek at your customer relationship management (CRM) platform to make sure you're prepared for the conversation. A Zendesk integration with your cloud-based phone system can make these all-important interactions more efficient and profitable. Here's how:

Improved Productivity: The End of the Digital Manilla Folder

CRMs are the digital manifestation of the tried-and-true manila folder method: cram every relevant — and maybe irrelevant — bit of customer information into a couple pages and stuff it away in a dingy filing cabinet. Fortunately, technology has come a long way. Now you can pull up that same information with a couple keystrokes instead of a trip to the archives. But there's still a gap between this information and the actual customer interaction.

Juggling the navigation of your CRM while dialing a customer and recording notes can make the whole process seem more like a circus act than a meaningful conversation. A Zendesk integration can make this everyday business process easier.

To that end, the ties that bind your Zendesk CRM and cloud-based phone system come in many forms:

  • Call Screen Pop-ups: Inbound and outbound calls trigger on-screen notifications that let you know who's calling and why.
  • Automated Call Logging: Calls that are matched to a Zendesk contact are logged automatically.
  • Contact Sync: Anytime you're interacting with customers from your desk or mobile phone, new contact information is synced with Zendesk.
  • Call Reporting: Access real-time call statistics with integrated Zendesk notes that can be quickly reviewed or exported for future perusal.

With the smooth integration of your Zendesk CRM and cloud-based phone system, you'll find a new depth of automation.

The Contact Center: Where Profitability Counts

Of course, integrations just aren't worth it if they don't impact your bottom line. After integrating Zendesk, your operation will begin running more efficiently, lightening your workload and driving down costs: Efficiency and cost are indivisibly tied together. After all, time is money.

With the smooth integration of your Zendesk CRM and cloud-based phone system, you'll find a new depth of automation. Gone are the days of time wasted copying notes and contact information and figuring out how to better communicate valuable insight to your customers. This is all thanks to the simple concept behind the integration: Take the small, mundane aspects of customer communication and automate them. Call logging, note taking, contact syncing, and even the act of dialing a customer are all streamlined to shave time off each interaction, improving both workflow and efficiency.

For contact center and CRM professionals, the benefits of a Zendesk integration will likely be seamless, while managers will be thrilled to have new features — such as the ability to effortlessly manage customer information. From contact creation to scaling out for new users, integration turns a lengthy process into a seamless, one-stop solution.

New contact centers can be brought online with voice, chat, and video from the comfort of your desk, and connecting critical information to these communication channels is similarly effortless. With this integration, the powerful information stored within your CRM will already be connected when your call center goes live.

The Benefits of Zendesk Integration

Fair or not, the success of an integration is often judged through the lens of mobility, productivity, and profitability. Integrating Zendesk with your cloud-based phone system provides you with:

  • The ability to access the wealth of knowledge stored in your CRM while on a call in your office, on a plane, or out in the field
  • Newfound productivity, as workflows that were once bogged down by mundane administrative tasks like compiling call notes become streamlined and automated
  • ROI, as each customer interaction is made more meaningful thanks to increased visibility and availability of impactful CRM data

At the end of the day, integrating Zendesk with your phone system makes your life easier. It just so happens that it makes meaningful customer interactions easier, too.


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