Get your game on

The Vonage Contact Center, designed for Salesforce, includes a gamification option to reward employees when they reach a personal or business goal. The fun, game-type elements create engaging activities out of everyday tasks to encourage your team, discourage negative behaviour and promote office-wide altruism.
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Gamification for Salesforce

The Vonage contact center solution combines with Salesforce and gaming techniques to motivate your teams.
  • Be inspired to hit targets, meet SLAs and more
  • Push your team across individual and collective efforts
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For the win

Gamification encourages more activity, better communication and a sharper eye on the prize
  • Enable fast adoption and encourage the right Salesforce behaviours by awarding points
  • Maintain engagement through leaderboards, badges and ongoing banter

Distill the science of sales

Watch a short video on how to better identify and share what makes your best salespeople excel with the help of Conversation Analyzer.

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