Dynamically link Salesforce to your IVR system

The Vonage Contact Center, designed for Salesforce, integrates your customer data with Salesforce insights to route calls properly through your IVR phone system. This helps you anticipate customer needs and deliver memorable experiences.
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Self-direct with IVR technology

Put customers in control with self-directed IVR options.
  • Customers use the telephone keypad to interact with your call centre
  • Your team gets an early indication of customer needs to better prepare
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Use Salesforce data to make the personal connection.
  • Callers enjoy flexible IVR menu options
  • Options based on Salesforce data and call histories
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Allow customers to self-direct.
  • Easily enter existing case number
  • Quickly route to right agent for faster service


Maximise the customer experience.
  • Customers can request a callback to avoid long waits
  • Salesforce routes customer data to the agent making the callback
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Let your customers decide their service path.
  • Customers can answer questions intuitively and connect to an agent
  • Teams can handle larger call volumes without additional staff
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